Our honeymoon, in doodles

In November, Martin and I went to Hawaii to celebrate the fact that we put a ring on one another’s finger and agreed to put up with each other’s gas until we’re old and incredibly gassy.

(I jest. It was much more romantic than that.)


These are the iPad doodles I drew from our trip. We began in Oahu, where we camped on the beach at Waimanalo Bay while we played in an ultimate frisbee tournament. (I know. I know. On our honeymoon. But it was only fitting! We met playing ultimate, so why not celebrate our marriage by playing ultimate?) Afterwards, we drove up to the North Shore, where my cousin got us a family discount to a fancy resort for a couple of nights.

Then we flew to Kauai and stayed in a rental house I found the night before on the Internet. It was perfect: Ten minutes up a single-lane road outside of a historic plantation town that’s outside of the slightly larger historic plantation town that’s outside of the tourist outpost of Popui (on the sunny side of the island). We had a majestic view of the ocean from our lanai, where we could see the private island Niihau on the horizon.

The trip was relaxing and wonderful, save for the moment I slipped off of a trail while hiking on the Napali Coast, rolled my ankle and somersaulted off the edge, catching onto a palm as I rolled to stop my fall. Nothing like hanging off the edge of a cliff to make you thankful to be with the one you love.

I drew most of these in Hawaii, without my stylus (which went missing right before we left). I drew the rooster and the cat when we got home—you can see the difference the stylus makes.

Our trip to Omaha, in doodles

Lately I’ve been documenting our adventures using my favorite iPad app, Paper by FiftyThree. It started with our honeymoon in Hawaii. I decided to sketch moments and memories, sometimes in real time, but most often after the fact using photographs. (I have a few more drawings to do for that sketchbook — but I’ll share it here when I’m finished.)

These sketches are from our recent trip to Omaha to see Martin’s family and watch Notre Dame in the BCS Bowl Game with them. (Nevermind the Fighting Irish’s dismal performance or the Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend fiasco — we are still fans.)

The high noon sun beat down on the Great Plains as we made our descent into Omaha.

Grandma Gert has a new iPad. She uses it to play pinochle. Occasionally she attempts to use the internet.

Martin’s Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jerry let us use their season tickets to the Creighton Bluejays at CenturyLink Center. My first NCAA basketball game!

The Jays won, handedly.

Grandma Gert gifted us a jar of her famous plum jelly, this batch made by Martin’s aunt.

Martin’s parents bought him a new sweatshirt for the big game. This is the design on the front.

Every time we come to Omaha, we make a pilgrimage to Upstream Brewing in Old Market.

This is Old Market, my favorite part of Omaha. It’s all cobblestone and red brick. You can almost imagine how this former industrial/wholesale district must’ve been bustling with horses and buggies and Model T’s.

The sweetest little thing

Martin’s grandma is wonderfully adorable. At 91, she’s sharp as a whip and still makes her famous homemade loaves of bread and jams.

Watching her play with her new iPad is so charming. She is a whiz at her pinochle app, but anything beyond that is a little confusing for her. She doesn’t really understand the difference between reading email and reading Facebook. She doesn’t know her passwords for anything. But she swipes and pokes and tries really hard and it is so cute.

The other day, she and Martin and I were sitting on the couch. Martin was using my iPad to look up the seating chart for the basketball arena the family was heading to the next day. His grandma kept craning her neck to see what he was looking at.

Then she tried to find it herself on her own iPad. She opened up Safari, clicked on the Google search bar and typed “Sports.”

So darling.