Mixer mania is over…

I didn’t win the stand mixer contest. I know, I know! How could that be? It’s heartbreaking! In the span of two weeks, I added 42 new friends (way more than anyone else, as far as I can tell), and yet, the odds were still against me.

It’s somewhat devastating, actually. I had already starting daydreaming about where I would put it and wondering if it would match the paint in the kitchen.


Well, thank you to all who added me. I do appreciate the support. I was looking forward to the baking fest that would’ve resulted in winning—I may need to send you goodies anyway.

The hand-held mixer will have to suffice.

My mother: aka the Quick Cook

I just got an email from my mother. My friend from Portland is staying with her for the week. The report:

“I threw together a meal for her in about 10 minutes with those French white beans, chicken sausage, red peppers, cilantro, tomatoes. She said I cook a little faster than you.”

Classic, if not slightly unfair. Using prepared beans to make a quick meal for two is MUCH different then feeding a multi-course meal entirely from scratch to 8 hungry friends. But regardless. It cracked me up.

That’s it for now. I hope you’re enjoying Day Two of the Bush-Free Era as much as I am!