It’s June?

What the what? It’s already mid-June, not that you’d know that by measuring the rainfall in the last four weeks. Summer is slooooowly arriving (sources say this weekend will be sunny!) and frisbee season is in full effect. Highlights of the past coupla months:

  • Housewarming BBQ! We finally had a real party up in this joint — played running charades and everything. A friend brought over a bottle of Bulleit, of which I drank half. Needless to say I can’t remember a whole lot of details from the event but my overall impression was “FUN.”
  • Three once-Portlander friends were in town for a few weeks — one of whom my mother once famously described as “fit and firm” — which made for Happy Times for Laura. Far too many of my favorite people here have decided to up and move elsewhere in the past few years and I don’t like this diaspora one bit — especially since I just bought a house and I ain’t goin’ nowhere. But it’s always glorious when friends return, if only for a short time.
  • Speaking of glorious — a few weeks ago, I saw the most amazing thing at a garage sale at the old residence of my said fit-and-firm friend’s house. I can’t tell you this story just yet (I don’t want to run out of material) but I will — oh I will. With a picture.
  • Calla update: This dog has made some serious progress lately. Remember when she ate a door? Well, she doesn’t do that kind of stuff anymore (knock on wood!). She’s just kind of stopped freaking out. It’s almost as if one day she woke up and said, “Mah mamma doesn’t deserve to have doors eaten, moldings chewed, wood floors drooled on or countertops pooped on anymore!” She’s happier, more relaxed and finally capable of being home alone without causing a mini hurricane. Gone are the days of removing the knobs on the stove to prevent her from turning on the burners (though she did set the oven timer the other night).

That’s about it for now. In the midst of making some fish and shrimp tacos for dinner. Just thought it was high time I updated this creaky old thing.