Chelsea is my beloved Springer Spaniel. Sadly, she passed away on February 9, 2007 at the age of 13. She was a wonderful dog—perfectly sarcastic, infinitely bright and immeasurably loving.

When we lived in New York City, we’d spend hours in the park or parading up and down Broadway. It was on these strolls and through her doggy cuteness that I met the characters who defined our neighborhood—the people who would become the basis of much of my personal narrative. In that respect, I credit Chelsea—more so than my mother, who taught me the nuances of the English language, or than my father, whose work as a journalist has served as my reason to follow in his footsteps—for my inspiration to write.

Some people ask me if I’m going to change my URL to “,” but the truth is that no matter what, Chelsea is, and will always be, my dog.

7 thoughts on “Chelsea

  1. She’s a beautiful dog. I love that your blog is honoring her. :) She would be very happy, I’m sure!

    I’m hoping to live in NYC at some point.

    Well, just stopping by, because I am trying out this Cutline theme and was reading the comments on the Cutline site. That’s how I came across you. :)

  2. I had a dog names Jack–a springer–your blogs in honor of Chelsea made me cry. Jack was 15 when he passed on–I still miss him and it has been over three years.

  3. Chelsea was a beautiful Dog and I’m sure a very special companion. They become so much of our lives with their non-judgemental personalities. My Dog Major is a Lab Spaniel and he turned 18yrs old at the end of August 2008. His hearing is poor, he has arthritus, yet sight not too bad. I am not looking forward to his passing. I know his days are numbered but as long as he is not in discomfort or pain, I am thankful for any extra time we have together. Thank you for sharing your experiences with Chelsea.

  4. my best friend for as long as i can remember was an english springer spaniel named chelsea, nicknamed boo. she passed away at 13 last may, and i’m still struggling with it. i felt the same way about my chelsea, she listened when no one else would, she would know when something was wrong and stay by me, we were inseperable. i miss her so much.

  5. Oh, Jacquie, I am so sorry to hear that. (Though delighted to learn of another wonderful Springer Spaniel named Chelsea.) Dogs are wonderful; they can understand more about our emotional state than we do ourselves sometimes. I am sure your Chelsea is up there somewhere, watching over you and comforting you from above. My recommendation, if you’re ready for it, is to get another dog (Chelsea would understand). I waited just about a year before adopting Calla — I couldn’t handle the doglessness!

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