Our honeymoon, in doodles

In November, Martin and I went to Hawaii to celebrate the fact that we put a ring on one another’s finger and agreed to put up with each other’s gas until we’re old and incredibly gassy.

(I jest. It was much more romantic than that.)


These are the iPad doodles I drew from our trip. We began in Oahu, where we camped on the beach at Waimanalo Bay while we played in an ultimate frisbee tournament. (I know. I know. On our honeymoon. But it was only fitting! We met playing ultimate, so why not celebrate our marriage by playing ultimate?) Afterwards, we drove up to the North Shore, where my cousin got us a family discount to a fancy resort for a couple of nights.

Then we flew to Kauai and stayed in a rental house I found the night before on the Internet. It was perfect: Ten minutes up a single-lane road outside of a historic plantation town that’s outside of the slightly larger historic plantation town that’s outside of the tourist outpost of Popui (on the sunny side of the island). We had a majestic view of the ocean from our lanai, where we could see the private island Niihau on the horizon.

The trip was relaxing and wonderful, save for the moment I slipped off of a trail while hiking on the Napali Coast, rolled my ankle and somersaulted off the edge, catching onto a palm as I rolled to stop my fall. Nothing like hanging off the edge of a cliff to make you thankful to be with the one you love.

I drew most of these in Hawaii, without my stylus (which went missing right before we left). I drew the rooster and the cat when we got home—you can see the difference the stylus makes.

Our mothers do so much for us


Two minutes after Martin’s mother dropped us off at the airport in Omaha, Martin realized he’d left his wallet (and his ID) at her house.

He called her and shortly thereafter she was zooming her way back home, a good 20-minute drive from the airport, to locate the wallet and bring it back to us. We checked my bag and printed our boarding passes and nervously kept our eye on the clock. We had only so much time before our flight.

Forty minutes later, she was back, and we zipped our way through security with plenty of time to board. In all, she’d spent one hour and twenty minutes that day driving to and from the airport.

“Our mothers do so much for us,” Martin said to me.


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So… this happened

We got married! The wedding was awesome in every way possible. Here is a small selection of the more than 900 wonderful photos our photographer took. Photo credit: Bryan Rupp Photography

Decisions always seem easier before it comes time to make them

Dearest Internet,

In case you have not heard, I am getting married.

This means that we are planning a wedding and facing all sorts of decisions. Some of them are small (what will our colors be?) and some large (where do we draw the line on our guest list?) and none of them are easy.

But decisions always seem like they will be easier at the outset. Take wedding photography, for instance. That’s not so hard, right? Get a recommendation from a friend and bingo, you’re done.

Nope. Not that easy. I ended up getting three recommendations and met with three fantastic photographers, all of whom were just wonderful and none of whom I wanted to say no to. And while we were agonizing over that decision, I started questioning whether or not we should really be spending money on photography in the first place. The mental process went something like this:

We want a professional photographer to document our wedding > HOLY GOD THAT IS HOW MUCH IT COSTS?! > maybe we don’t need a professional > our friends are creative! > but what if I have 16 chins in every single photo? > THE PHOTOS WILL BE WHAT WE REMEMBER > let’s get a professional > HOLY GOD THAT IS HOW MUCH IT COSTS?! > well, what if we went with 4 hours of coverage instead of 8? > one photographer instead of two? > our wedding photography will be INCOMPLETE without 8 hours of coverage and two photographers!!! > HOLY GOD, seriously? > what if we were to just ask our friends?

Decisions like this make you go from being the most laid-back person in the world to a bridezilla and back again all in the time it takes to shampoo your graying hair. Thing is, you never realize how many options there are until the decision is smack-dab in your face. And once you learn about your options, you’re suddenly finding yourself wanting things you never knew existed.

Like engagement photos. This is where you go out galavanting in a field with your fiance and have professional photos taken of the two of you just being in love. Prior to the wedding photography decision, I would’ve thought this was icky romantic nonsense. But then I started seeing these amazing shots of people caring so deeply for each other and suddenly this thing went off inside of me and I WANT TO GO TO THERE. Some photographers include engagement photos in their base price; others do not. Yet another thing to decide.

This is also true of buying an airline ticket. You start out telling yourself you will by the cheapest airfare you can find. But then you discover for $50 more, you can depart at 10 a.m. instead of the crack of dawn. And for another $50, you can skip the layover in Phoenix. And for YET ANOTHER $50, you can have 4 inches more legroom and an 8% increase in chair-reclining angle and all of a sudden, you’re buying the cheapest airfare you can find + $150 to make your life a little less hellish for that 6-hour flight across the country.

Anyway. We did decide to hire someone, and, eventually, decided on who to hire. He will take beautiful photos and, with any luck, I will have a single chin in at least 25% of them. From now until September I will be practicing the art of holding my head up a little higher. I think that might increase my odds of having fewer extra chins.

Yours truly,

My Dog “I promise to not be a bridezilla” Is Chelsea