Our mothers do so much for us


Two minutes after Martin’s mother dropped us off at the airport in Omaha, Martin realized he’d left his wallet (and his ID) at her house.

He called her and shortly thereafter she was zooming her way back home, a good 20-minute drive from the airport, to locate the wallet and bring it back to us. We checked my bag and printed our boarding passes and nervously kept our eye on the clock. We had only so much time before our flight.

Forty minutes later, she was back, and we zipped our way through security with plenty of time to board. In all, she’d spent one hour and twenty minutes that day driving to and from the airport.

“Our mothers do so much for us,” Martin said to me.


Yes. They do.

In fact, my mother has also gone through a very similar shenanigan. Last year at Christmas time, she arose at 4:30 in the morning to take our weary eyes to Newark.

Where we proceeded to miss our flight due to a number of miscalculations. (This part of the story deserves a blog post of its own; it involves several cold-hearted Continental employees, some particularly bad directions that we should never have listened to, standing in the wrong line for 20 minutes and several f-bombs out of my mouth directed toward the woman at the check-in counter who was not in any way attempting to help us — culminating in having airport security called on us.)

So we missed our flight. And the next flight we could get on wasn’t for another 12 hours.

I called my mother.

“We missed our flight!” I said, crying.

“Oh, shit,” she said. “I just got back into Manhattan.”

And she promptly turned around, at dawn, and for the third time that morning, descended into the Lincoln Tunnel.

When we got back home, everyone when back to sleep, and when we awoke (at noon) my mother took us out to lunch.

She drew the line at taking us back to the airport at rush hour, but she did, of course, insist on paying for our cab.

Our mothers do so much for us. Maybe someday, I’ll have a little one of my own to whom I can repay the favor, which I suppose is part of the whole grand plan. My mother CANNOT WAIT for grand kids.



7 thoughts on “Our mothers do so much for us

  1. I had a small tear, and then saw the photo of Elaine… oh my.

    We are so lucky to have moms that do so much for us without batting (in my case, a glamorously mascara-ed) eyelash and have instilled the desire to pass it on to our (someday) own.

    • We both have such amazing mothers! Remember that time we all met at the diner in Long Beach? I made my mother drive me down to Long Beach from LA in rush hour traffic. She did it without complaint.

  2. Just hearing those words out of your mouths makes it all worth while. Can’t explain it but it just happens when you become a mom – it’s that unconditional love that we have built in. You will be awesome as a mother as well and will automatically have those ” mother” qualities come to the surface. I love you both!!

  3. So true! And if/when you decide to have a little one they will do even more, which is really great!

    • Exactly! It’s part of the cycle, I guess. Of course, you have to wade through the ungrateful teenage years. It’s a miracle my mother still talks to me after the hell I put her through when I was 17!

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