Ice cubes on the shoreline

Just east of Portland is this amazing park called Thousand Acres. It’s a dog’s dream. There’s river access and miles of trails and marshland. On any given Sunday, hundreds of dogs romp through the brush there, sniffing butts and splashing through puddles and rolling in delicious smells.

Today was no different. We brought the dogs (including our 80-year-old neighbor’s puppy Golden Retriever-yellow Lab mix*) and they ran and ran and ran for hours.

It was a brisk day for Portland—high 30s, no cloud cover. Ice cubes lined the shore of the Columbia. Most non-polar bear mammals would consider this “too cold for swimming.” Not so for our dogs.

* Yes, sadly, it is true. Our arthritic 80-year-old neighbor with knee problems got a puppy, and a retriever puppy at that. She is a sweet woman with a huge heart; she cares deeply for this dog. She takes her to doggy day care once a week, but of course, that’s not quite enough exercise. We fill in as often as we can by bringing her with us to the park.

Also, her name is Cali. I am pretty sure that everyone we come across at the park thinks we are nuts to have three dogs, two of whom have nearly the exact same name.

Talk about a Dog Show.