If Patty Mills had a line of conversation hearts

One of my favorite things about Twitter is following the feeds of the Portland Trailblazers: Nicholas BatumRudy FernandezLaMarcus AldridgeMarcus CambyWesley Matthews, and my personal favorite, the scrappy Aussie point guard Patty Mills.

Mills’ tweets are particularly exuberant and endearing, filled with phrases and terms that are JUST BEGGING to be turned into a special Patty Mills edition of conversation hearts:


If I ever update this, I might add a few more (the last two are courtesy of my season-ticket holding coworker):

  • G’day bala
  • Tweet me — like the old “call me,” which became “fax me” (WTF? Has there been a suitor in the history of the facsimile-using world that has ever FAXED someone out on a date? I doubt it.) and then later “email me.”
  • Howzit bala
  • Australia is for balas

That is all. G’day balas!

9 thoughts on “If Patty Mills had a line of conversation hearts

  1. Great idea; I’d buy ‘em by the bagful!
    Fantastic thought for a fantastic player with a fantastic heart!
    Hope Patty’s creativity spurs your creativity even more!

  2. i didn’t use “!” before I started writing business emails. now, for some reason, there’s a logjam of ‘em just waiting to be used.

  3. Before Mrs.5000 was Mrs.5000, and in fact was only just barely Girlfriend5000, I tried to fax her out on a date as a joke. What I didn’t know is that she didn’t have her own fax machine, but received faxes at a Kinkos down the street. Embarrassment ensued. True story.

  4. Michael, it does not surprise me in the slightest that you, of all people, are the one person who *has* actually asked someone on a date via fax machine.

  5. I think it means “brotha” or “friend” or “awesome person.” At first I thought it meant “baller” (as in someone who plays basketball), but it’s definitely more of a term of endearment.

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