When dogs pee lying down, it’s not out of laziness

Go figure that the moment I promise a biweekly lunch blog, suddenly I have so much work that I barely even have time to eat. Ah, well. Quick post.

Calla is going to the vet this evening due to two very unusual pee puddles she left on my bed and the couch. Now, I know you’re thinking, “This is the dog that smeared dog poop on your kitchen counter—what’s so unusual about pee?” And you’ve got a point. But here’s the thing: the puddles formed while Calla was lying down.

For those of you who don’t have a dog, this means: she leaked. It wasn’t one of those intentional “Screw you, Mom! Don’t leave me home alone!” acts of defiance that Chelsea was so inclined to perform. Nope. It was an accident. And dogs don’t have accidents. At least while lying down.

So, best case scenario, she has a urinary tract infection; worst case, she’s an incontinent 3-year-old. More likely the former. We’ll find out soon, but not before I become $200 poorer when the vet decides to run 8 million unnecessary tests (ka-ching!).

2 thoughts on “When dogs pee lying down, it’s not out of laziness

  1. My Springer had a UTI when she was a few months old. It was painful just to WATCH her try to pee. :( But after she recovered, the scare tissue that remained left her incontinent and she’ll now be on meds to tighten her little “O-ring,” as my husband affectionately calls it, for the rest of her life. Thankfully, she’s never made a fuss with taking meds and now trots over to me after every meal and knows it’s time to “take her medicine.” She’s on liquid Phenylpropanolmine: http://www.vetinfo.com/dphenylpropanolamine.html. There are pill versions but they are more expensive.

    Good luck! Thinking of Calla.

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