I am famous!!!!!

You know someone decidedly isn’t famous when they need to announce that they are. But, nonetheless, I am having a moment of almost-semi-kinda-sorta famous-ish-ness! And: that’s thanks to you all!

That is to say—my carrot story won the culinate.com blogging contest! YEE-HAW!!!!!!!!! Observe the current state of the Culinate homepage:

Here’s a close-up:

For those who don’t have their reading glasses on but should, that says, “We like the sound of ‘Lucky Laura,’ but of course, more than luck was involved.” Well, I’ll say! This is what was also involved: drumming up votes via Facebook, Twitter and MDIC.com* and spamming nearly everyone in my address book. Knowing me over the last week was like being on Barack Obama’s mailing list during the last month of his campaign—which is to say, pressing delete a lot. I was probably the only finalist launching a full-on social media marketing campaign, which would explain why I won even though I was up against a bunch of really kickass entries.

But… no one said you couldn’t Tweet the hell out of your story!

Thank you so much to you all for a) voting and b) putting up with my broken record about remembering to vote!



PS: I discovered that I had won after returning to the office from my lunch break. I checked my email, gasped and squeeled “I won!” and everyone on my side of the building popped up from their cube and erupted in cheers and clapping. This celebratory atmosphere may or may not have been related to my incessant chatter about the contest and spurred, at least in part, by the relief that its being over may bring.

*MDIC.com is short for mydogischelsea.com. The actual MDIC.com is apparently for sale at the incredibly reasonable price of $4,950. Wow, what a bargain! In retrospect, I should’ve just written MDIC out, since this footnote has far usurped any time I may have saved with the shorthand.

9 thoughts on “I am famous!!!!!

  1. I for one am proud to have been part of this social media campaign. It really made me feel like I was part of something bigger than myself. Like I could choose to hope instead of fear. MDIC gives us carrots we can believe in. It’s not about red carrots and blue carrots anymore. It’s about, like, purple carrots.

  2. Hey, why don’t you pretend you won the mixer and send some of those brownies you promised? Start with the East Coast voters. Ha ha! Just kidding. Congratulations! Famous again.

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