I am famous!

I know, I know! How lucky can one girl get?! First, my Barack Obama cake gets featured on yeswecake.com. Then, my pumpkin makes it to yeswecarve. Now, this! Here’s a screenshot I just took of the home page of my favorite cooking site, culinate.com:

Thats me!

For those who need reading glasses:

That’s me!

I won a copy of Alice Water’s new book! And I am one of 8 finalists for a bigger prize! (Your help with the voting will come in soon. This is Mixer Madness Redux. Although no mixer appears to be at stake… yet.)

This is so exciting.

9 thoughts on “I am famous!

  1. Well alright! I read that carrot entry in my reader today and was very impressed.

    Also, how far you have come from being afraid of the tall grasses!

    Now that you are famous, I am going to brag about knowing you more.

  2. Are you going to forget the little people who stood by you before you made it big?

    Ooops, left out the “when.” I meant, WHEN are you going to forget the little people who stood by you before you made it big?

  3. Hey, before you get a swelled head from all the perks that go hand in hand with FAME (“whatcher name, whatcher name, whatcher name…?”), just remember I first met you back in London when you were only four months old. And when someone asks you for your autograph, put your last name down too, not just your first name!(like you did when the you signed the Praxis book for me. I wanted a “Laura Parisi” – you know, an autograph.
    Seriously, it would be cool if the big prize was the mixer. Mostly because I’m thinking about the brownie promise.

  4. AW, nerts – this would-be legal proofreader made two mistakes: 1) in the sentence starting “And when someone…”, no space between the “!” and the “(” ; and 2) no “)” at the end of the same sentence. Barnacles!
    I know, like anybody cares.

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