The Calla painting

I’ve been getting back into making art. It’s been years, truly, since I’ve done anything like this. I feel old saying this, but (yikes) it’s been nearly a decade. Here’s Calla:

8 thoughts on “The Calla painting

  1. Oh, yee-hah! Laura the Artist is back! Has it really been nearly 10 years?!? Wait, weren’t you doing art when you graduated in…oh, wait a minute, you graduated in 2000, and it’s now 2009. YOU feel old!
    It always ticked me off that you didn’t do anything with y0ur art after high school. I’m overjoyed to see you’re back into it.
    (Speaking of your art, here’s a belated and heartfelt THANK YOU for the John Lennon).
    Cool photos, by the way.

  2. Great stuff !!! I still remember the crayon drawing that you did of your home in NYC.
    The one that hung over the fireplace in CT.

  3. I had no idea you could do that! You’re full of surprises.

    (p.s. I hate to be a killbuzz, but technically Calla isn’t pink. Check if you don’t believe me.)

  4. i’m sending a picture of champ. i think you owe me a picture. even if i said you shouldn’t worry about it, i have changed my mind.

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