My mother: aka the Quick Cook

I just got an email from my mother. My friend from Portland is staying with her for the week. The report:

“I threw together a meal for her in about 10 minutes with those French white beans, chicken sausage, red peppers, cilantro, tomatoes. She said I cook a little faster than you.”

Classic, if not slightly unfair. Using prepared beans to make a quick meal for two is MUCH different then feeding a multi-course meal entirely from scratch to 8 hungry friends. But regardless. It cracked me up.

That’s it for now. I hope you’re enjoying Day Two of the Bush-Free Era as much as I am!

5 thoughts on “My mother: aka the Quick Cook

  1. For the record, the first part of the conversation was me commenting on what a great cook YOU are and how I love going to your place for dinner parties. Only then did I bring up the slight difference in cooking speeds.

    And by the way, I ate better at your mom’s place than i have in a long time. yummmm

  2. Typical of my mother! Taking a conversation out of context, removing the part that compliments me, and highlighting the part that compliments her! This is good information to know, Karina, because I’ll need it the next time she rubs in how quick of a cook she is. =)

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