Drawing a blank

You’ll be pleased to know that I finally scheduled an appointment with an oral surgeon. And I only have to wait a month! Not too shabby. Anyway, so I am going to share the following video because I’m infinitely proud of it.

It’s something that Asa and I threw together last night as a bid for a tournament called Potlatch that our team is hoping to go to this summer. Every year in July, more than 100 teams trek to Seattle for two days of a ton of frisbee and gift-exchanging (part of the deal is that you bring an offering to each team you play). I’ve never been myself but everyone I’ve ever asked about it has said it’s the most frisbee fun they’ve ever had.

But you can’t just sign up for it like you can for most other tournaments. Instead, you need to submit a “creative bid.” Something with photos, a peace offering, a case of beer, whatever your team comes up with to show how spirited they are. And not everyone who submits a bid gets in.

The deadline for bids is Wednesday but the tournament isn’t until the end of June, so our team was caught completely off guard on Saturday when we discovered that we had to act REALLY FAST. We brainstormed on Sunday, and A and I got to work last night and another teammate shot it off in the mail this morning.

NOTE: Since Youtube reduces the quality of videos to make them load faster, it’s kind of hard to see the letters of our Scrabble game, but on the version we mailed it was better. Also, all of the words we played were frisbee-related, although some were more of a stretch than others (“vie”—vie for the disc; “skied”—she jumped so high in the sky! She skied him; “heart”—that team’s got heart, man) and you can’t really tell, but that last piece I’m holding is a Q that I end up playing upside down as an O. Oh, and, we’re temporarily using the name “Drawing a Blank” as our team name. OK, I’ll shut up now:

PS, is the video working for anyone? I got it to play once but now it’s not loading at all. Could just be my craptastic Internet connection, though.

6 thoughts on “Drawing a blank

  1. I love the spirit of the tournament and that they ask for a level of generosity and creativity to enter.

    But your film rocks, including the music. If I were in their shoes, I would so select you!

  2. What a great soundtrack to it too! Very creative and fun. You are so getting in!

    It sounds like a fantastic time to be had.

    Oh yes, glad you finally got the appointment!

  3. Oh my, that’s cool. I love “Yeaaah.” And, you can totally tell that the Q is a Q, which makes “Oyeaaah” pretty hilarious. Scrabblicious! Y’all can play ultimate in my tournament any day.

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